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Chit Chat! / Linux versions
« on: September 08, 2012, 06:16:30 PM »
I was excited to see the Blackwell bundle listed on many Linux sites. I figured this was due to that fact that AGS recently went Open Source and someone had finally made an updated port. I also figured, since all this was the case, that it was finally time to start purchasing adventures from Wadjeteye (I've played demos on Windows, back when I used it). I came to the site after having made the decision to purchase all the Blackwell games and every other Wadjeteye for native Linux. However, I found the store, and then the entire site, incredibly vague as to which platforms the games were for (Mac?, Linux?, Windows?). Before I buy every Wadjeteye game, I need to confirm that its actually available for my system (Linux).

EDIT: I don't do WINE. If Wadjeteye responds "WINE" I'll take my money elsewhere.

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