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I'm repeating, but I must try ;D

Dave, I know you're tired to talk about this matter, but please make dvd editions of Shivah, Blackwell Epiphany and the next games.

I know you have probably lost money on the last ones, and WAG don't have enough time for handle all this shit; but maybe a small release and ultramega-limited edition in number of copies, simple dvd amaray case like Primordia, Gemini Rue and Blackwell Deception (more harder than Resonance box, less damages at mail sending) that you shouldn't have monetary loses and could manage fast :D

For die-hard fans like some of us. If is necessary a little bit more expensive, let it be!  ;)

My world for a Shivah edition with the Kosher and the old one with a lot of extra stuff.

I need Epiphany, Shivah, A Golden Wake & Technobabylon to be in my collection!

Yes, I know Dave would be pissed seeing about that Gemini Rue edition :-[

I discovered too late your games. I'm trying to get the real one you made, but it's impossible to find. And the old ones in cd jewel case, more than impossible :'(

Technobabylon / Technobabylon
« on: May 01, 2014, 08:57:16 AM »
What a wonderful look will have this game. I love Bend Chandler art :-*

projected release date of late 2014


I'm sure of limitied editions of Black Deception, Gemini Rue, Resonance and Primordia.

Also Gemini Rue Collector's Edition was edited in Europe (Germany & Uk) by Daedalic and Mergegames.

Are there any physical edition of the other Wadget Eye's games? There is a picture of Blackwell Undbouns in a jewel case in Dave's blog.

But I don't know anything about the other games.

Any possibilites of doing a reissue/limited edition of Shivah, other Blackwells, etc? Maybe It will be demand for it :P

Primordia / The king has entered the building
« on: January 03, 2013, 08:25:03 AM »

6 days (including new year) since the game had been shipped from the US and have arrived to Spain. Amazing.


Primordia / Endings, achievements and other ***SPOILERS***
« on: December 08, 2012, 12:03:05 PM »
I have finished the game twice and with all the possible endings I guess. 2 (well 5 depending if you pick Crispin's matrix and Charity's head) if I wake up Goliath, and 5 (7, the same case with Crispin and Charity) not having the virus.

Are more endings? I mean endings that not involve the choose of 187, Primer and EFL.

Also, the achievements. Only have four to unlock:

- The archives entries it's obvious :)
- The reunion of the robots I don't know how to unlock. I passed the faith test with EFL, 187 was alive, and I gave Primer his medal. And in other game also gave the crystal finger to EFL.
- Finish game will all robots? Who I missed? The sad robot waiting the bus? Cornelius & Oswald? One of the useless robots that were walking in Metropol's streets?
- What the heck is the tape deck?  ???

And in other hand. Anything to do with the sad robot? What I need the clock hour for? It's possible to open the train's door? Something to do in the elevator waiting's room of Metromind's tower?

Thanks for answer my questions. Very good game, but in my opinion a little short and sometimes very difficult to understand for the non-english players (sometimes the characters talked too fast and technical, and I hadn't time for reading the complete subtitles).

And sorry for my poor english :-[

I suppose not, but I found in the BMT Micro Shopping Cart the option of buying a copy is still available:


I lost the opportunity several months ago of getting the physhical game :-\

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