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The Blackwell series / Graphics in Deception
« on: August 09, 2012, 07:08:50 PM »
Hey everybody,
I just finished Convergence and started playing Deception as I cant get enough of Rosangela(Lauren) and Joey. The whole series blew me away honestly, I just love the storytelling, atmosphere and old school graphics.

Talking graphics I must admit, however, that Im a bit disappointed regarding the graphics in Blackwell Deception. At first I was suprised about the menus, character closeups and more stuff being kinda HD compared to the other games, really great. BUT I really think that the character graphics of Joey and Rosa in game are a lot worse here, I find them so much better in Convergence actually. Rosa looks awfully flat and bumpy, just really different. What happenend??  ???

Does anyone share my opinion here?

Nevertheless, I think Im getting over this and enjoy Deception anyway.  :D

Im really curious about what Deception is gonna be like storywise...

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