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Find it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/67740160/BlackwellConsequence_Day0.7z

So, yeah. This is a fangame, or at least the very beginnings of one. And, well, I'm hoping it's (going to be, when it's finished) fun to play. Right now, there's very little to it - it's just the start. But considering how slow my work speed is (and the fact I never complete 99.9% of anything I work on!) I thought I'd share what there is of it, now. So be gentle! Please?

I do plan on fleshing this out before I start on the next major part of the game, don't worry.

But do tell me what you think of it. What you think of (what little there is so far) the writing, the descriptions. Is it easy to understand what's going on? Is it comprehensible? It's all pretty rough anyway, but knowing where I'm going right (or wrong) can give me pointers about what to do. I'm planning on doing another release next week taking on-board things people have to say about this, and then cracking on with the next part of the game. I'm planning on making releases every time a major part of this gets done; it gives me something to aim for at least. I've even included (what passes for) the design notes for this part of the game, if you're curious.

On a more technical note, you're going to need the TADS 3 interpreter for this game. You can find one for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows on http://www.tads.org/tads3.htm - some Linux distros, by the way, do come with a TADS interpeter (QTads).

Hope you enjoy, and/or give critique. Thanks!

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