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Chit Chat! / A love letter to Wadjet Eye Games (and Dave)
« on: December 27, 2011, 04:47:07 PM »
Let me start by saying, I missed adventure games. I really did. I grew up with these things, and Beneath a Steel Sky is, to this day, not only a beacon of my childhood, but of good game design.

Unsurprisingly, while I do love a lot of new games (I do love FPSs and action games), for the longest while I was quite sad with the state of adventure games. Mostly because they ceased to be. The few that were around were mostly frustrating exercises in "moon logic". For the most part, the adventurer in me survived through my short stay in the "online Myst" game and a few decent flash games here and there (shoutouts to the Submachine series). In short, it was a bad time for adventure games.

Queue a couple of months ago when I stumbled upon Gemini Rue as part of the release IndieRoyale. And boy, did I like it. It blew me away completely. It was the first adventure game I played that made me question Beneath A Steel Sky's long-unchallenged place in the adventure throne. I'm not gonna go on about it, I did in that review, but long story short - I was impressed.

First thing I did - Google the creator of that gem (Joshua Nuernberger). Left impressed by the person, but somewhat disappointed to see this was his only game, if hopeful for the future. Next step: "So... Who are these 'Wadjet Eye' guys that would recognize and publish this?". Cue finding this website and browsing around a bit. I was impressed. Turns out adventure games had made a comeback recently (well, what's 5 years in the grand scheme of things), just off the mainstream radars.

Being an unemployed college student, however, I had to settle for "window shopping", bookmarking the page for future monetary investments of the gaming persuasion. Low and behold, come Christmas season, a familiar named poped up in the latest IndieRoyale - Blackwell. Wadjet Eye's Blackwell. And the soundtrack to boot? Given my previous experience with Gemini Rue, I was ecstatic to say the least...

...And it didn't disappoint. While short (Gemini Rue lasted me about 6 hours. Each Blackwell game went for about 2 to 3 hours each) the games were exactly what I was looking for: Good stories, good visuals (as I said in my Gemini Rue review, graphical power =/= good graphics), great characters, great soundtracks, and logical puzzles.

So I have to say, to you Dave: Thank you. Thank you for proving good game design doesn't require 8 digit budgets. That adventure games can be good, engaging and interesting. That modest graphic engines can look absolutely beautiful, even without 1080p and 25523462 levels of AA. For all that, thank you. You've made a fan out of me, and Blackwell Deception will most definitely be a future acquisition of mine. Along with other titles of your catalog (I am eyeing that "To the moon" game too, oh yes I am).

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