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The Blackwell series / What do we know? (timeline)
« on: July 23, 2008, 05:46:09 PM »
So, since we're all eagerly awaiting when the next game comes out and what additional pieces of the Blackwell story are revealed.  I figured I'd try to spark a little discussion about what we already know.

The dates are of course approximate at best (I can't remember if Jack or Lauren is the older sibling)

Judging by the estimated ages of the characters, Patricia probably isn't the first Blackwell to be saddled with Joey.  And what about pre Joey?  Did they have previous spirit-guide?  What happened to it?  Can the same thing happen to Joey?  What did Joey do to be a guide anyway?  (does being sassy really doom you to the purgatory or being a spirit guide?  If so Lauren's ghost would have to be out there somewhere too, heh.)

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