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Chit Chat! / Games take 5 min to open (Steam)
« on: August 12, 2018, 01:35:08 PM »
This might be a problem with my PC, not the games themselves, but maybe someone has the same issues/idea how to fix it.

Don't remember if it's all WE/AGS games, but I remember the ones I've played recently, Technobabylon, Shardlight & Unavowed all take maybe 5 minutes to start through Steam. Both the actual game as well as opening the setup.

First nothing happens, then the Steam window kinda shifts & goes low res a bit, at one point my mouse froze for a few seconds. Then the game icon appears on the task bar, but no game open itself, even after clicking the icon. Then, later, the game opens and runs just fine (usually).

I got a decent PC, dual monitors, Win10, don't usually have any issues. Tried changing to DirectDraw5 (I think it was?) on Shardlight, but didn't change anything.

So dunno, if anybody has any ideas if there's a fix. Or, if you've got similar problems & think the game isn't loading at all... just wait, it might come eventually haha.

Unavowed / Random Unavowed chat (spoilers?)
« on: August 12, 2018, 01:11:57 PM »
Couldn't find a place for just random chatting about the game, so, here goes? Usually I'd post those random thoughts on twitter, but there's no way to hide spoilers, and none of my friends have finished the game yet.

For those avoiding spoilers:
I played male bartender, mercy everybody.
Bronx: Mandana & Eli
Staten Island: Manadana & Logan
Wall Street: Eli & Vicky
China Town: Mandana & Logan
Brooklyn: Mandana & Vicky

So, one thing I really liked about the game is the room you wake up in. Partially maybe cause it reminds me of Moulin Rouge (1952) ^^ But it's also really nice to kinda have a break, in a way? The room is so calm, cosy, feels safe. Considering your whole world's just been turned upside down, monsters exist, you've murdered a bunch of people & forgotten what happened, this is really nice. Maybe similar to the 'sitting down' mechanic in Life is Strange https://youtu.be/c5EcpT3O0r8?t=5m59s

Along the same lines I really like talking to everybody about the past mission. Somebody mentioned how it's great you're not judged for your choices and I cannot agree more. It's so great that while everybody has their own reasons for what they think is right, they can also understand other perspectives and make the best of the situation. (Can I get a hell yeah for empathy?) And just talking things through again without the pressure of being in the situation is so good. (And yes, I know there's no timer in the game, but shush, it's good at the immersion thing.)

On a different note, I find it really funny regarding having murdered hundreds of innocents you get dialogue option "well, wasn't really me so eh", whereas finding out you had sex with a stranger there's only "Burn it!" and "Stab it!" xD

Anyway, what's your folks favourite (or not so favourite) parts/things you wanna chat about? :)

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