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Primordia / shortstory fallen and other stuph
« on: January 26, 2017, 03:00:25 PM »
So I downloaded the audio files for 3 parts of fallen short story to my mp3 player. Having heard it twice I can say its good, though I'd probably get a clearer picture by just reading it. might do that sometime. was not as easy to get the effect of section breaks when listening to it.
So it seems hoomans still survive in this story, (in space stations? moon? guess stations). I like how they tried to change the Earth back to way it was - but it seems it could not be done while the machines exist. So thats the reason She is seeking what she is seeking in Urbani.

I think the writings pretty good. Like how it changes to different settings and (not always forward) times as story goes on. And how small details and events are described as well as bigger plot. Actually hit me with the feels where it says the world will be blue and green again, but none of us will see it. I've tried writing (very)few times and usually only got down a high level plot. sadly it does not come very naturally to me(but that might be cos I have little practice). Do you see in your head also the small details. I can paint images, and process involves pinning down an idea that you see in mind, making multiple mini sketches, doing linework for big sketch in detail, shading light and dark, applying colour. Is there a similar process for writing.

some things Im curious about from the story and game,
who are the Legion? I gathered they rule Urbani city and sent a force of robots to attack Metropol.
Are these a group of robots like the council in Metropol, Are these ones responsible for a certain machine killing virus I hear about in the story. (I think I missed out a big part of the plot in the game after messing up at the huge robot but hey it just adds to replayability),

not sure what cycles are exactly. when Horatio enters Metropol a guard robot comes and takes some 'cycles' from him. Later at the end Metromind uses these to disable him from breaking some things. The robot zombies also say 'cycles' and 'memory'. So Im guessing its some kind of resource of processing like memory is a resource.

struck me how at one point where Horatio asks Factors agent for help she says factor does not care for those that are not his children. Is it common nature of the big (or all) robots to be (I guess) selfish like that, or just something Factor is.

Also why is Metromind seemingly power hungry and unethical? (she killed? Arbiter, Memorious and Steeple). Is it a flaw in her design, programming, or was she meant to be line that, 

Primordia / great
« on: December 08, 2016, 03:05:41 PM »
hey makers of Primordia, hope ur still alive.

sadly steam did not activate my later Steam achievements for some reason. :(

got through to an ending without resorting to a walkthrough. quite smug about that heh. puzzles were challenging but sometimes hints saved me. no hints for the console puzzle tho was quite hard to figure that one out.

this game also made me laugh a few times. Crispins quite funny.

really enjoyed playing this game. very captivating story. beautiful art and music too.
just wish there was 1 more map to explore. miss this game already.

any thoughts on making another one? I'm waiting
like the sad robot at the bus stop :(

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