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I vaguely remember that someone has already posted something about inconsequences in the Blackwell games (for example one could think that the lawyer whom Lauren Blackwell contacted to formally adopt her niece was Sam Durkin's father... but we know from "Unbound" that he's already dead), but I can't find the topic. I've noticed some temporal inconsequences in the Blackwell games. Four examples:
1. Sam Durkin is about 20 years old in "Unbound". 40 years pass between "Unbound" and "Epiphany", so he would have to be around 60 years old in the latter. He doesn't look like it; 50 years is likely, but not 60.
2. In one of the games - "Convergence"? - Madeline says that she had spent 30 years as the Countess/Jocelyn's guide. And it's not very possible, you must have exaggerated. I don't think a medium could handle it when younger than some 15 years of age. In "Epiphany" we can see Jocelyn at the very end of her time with Madeline, as she rescues Joey as the final ghost and then banishes Madeline. So she must be at least 45 years old and she doesn't really look like that, she rather looks some 10-15 years younger. More importantly: we know that Joey died in 1931. So, Jocelyn would have to be born around 1885 or earlier. Judging from that, in "Unbound" she would have to be about 90 years old and here she most definitely doesn't look like that. Unlike the other Blackwell games, this one doesn't have close-up portraits, but we can see the Countess as a full figure and she looks elderly, yes - but not 90 years old! She can easily outrun Lauren (still, Lauren isn't very fit due to smoking her toxic cigarettes) - physically agile 90-year-old people are very rare; brutally said, most people are dead at that age.
Ten years of cooperation between Jocelyn and Madeline would be much more credible; thus, she would be about 70 years old in 1973 and this would be consistent with what we can see in the game.
The only excuse imaginable is that when you are as old as Madeline, there's not much difference between 10 and 30 years...
3. Danny Marconi would have to be more or less the same age as Joey when they were both alive, so he would have to be born some time around 1905. So in "Deception" he would have quite a few years over 100. Very rare and again  - "he doesn't look like that", he looks more like a typical eighty-something old man.
4. In "Convergence" we learn that Charles Meltzer used to be a journalist once and had known Joseph Mitchell - in the late 1970s, if I remember well. He would have to be not less than some 25 years old at that time, so we can count that he would have to be born around 1953 (by the way, my father was born in 1953, on the day when Stalin died. And he lived only 49 years...), so he would have to be almost 60 years old by the time of "Convergence". He rather looks like 40, 45 perhaps.

The Blackwell series / How to use the code in "Blackwell Legacy"?
« on: July 28, 2016, 03:32:00 PM »
As in the title - I got the code at the end of game credits, but in this game using the computer is much more limited... so where can I input the code?

The Blackwell series / Joey's hat (silly question with spoiler)
« on: July 27, 2016, 06:04:42 PM »
Why isn't Joey wearing his hat at the end of "Epiphany"? Yes, it fell off his head when he collapsed, but it materialised with him. He must have stayed next to Rosa's body for some time anyway to explain what happened and that he was her friend (necessary since he received her ashes later), possibly also to take her keys (people have already discussed that, since Joey is actually put in a tragic situation through being brought back to life, does he at least have a place to live? - and without Rosa's keys he won't have access to her apartment because as a ghost he didn't need them and couldn't carry them anyway)... This is, of course, a tiny problem compared to all his situation, but I just wonder why didn't he keep his trademark hat...

Btw, characters in "Epiphany" seem to be wearing really thin clothes. Rosa's earmuffs still seem acceptable, but Maggie going to her father's grave in just a sweatshirt and no top hat? That's a good way to catch a cold...
On the other hand, I always wear some cap and an anorak in the winter, but I have also once been walking through the Old Town and eating an ice cream in -10 degrees (Celsius... I know what feet, miles and pounds are, but I have close to no idea about the Fahrenheit scale) or working out at an outdoor gym with unzipped anorak in about the same temperature...

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