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Technobabylon / just finished the game for a 2nd time and...
« on: August 15, 2018, 10:09:24 AM »
I still love it with a passion. but I do got one story related question if one of the devs can answer it for me

Shardlight / just beat shardlight my thoughts HEAVY SPOLIERS
« on: March 18, 2016, 04:01:08 PM »
after beating the gem that was technobabylon, I decided to play shardlight, and 8 hrs later I beat it. here are my thoughts summed up in one word ok.

1. voice acting, was great prob the best overall talent so far in a wadjet eye game

2. Art and character design were magnificent

3. Animation was very superb, especially loved how amy would drop her hood and mask. also loved the decapitation animation at the end, looked amazing

4. Music was also good, not technobabylon good but good

1. puzzles were downright too easy, and the one and only puzzle that was not completely easy was way too finicky. the puzzle im talking about is the chalkboard puzzle. I knew the answer but I had to redraw it 4 times for the game to recognize it. there was at least 4 or more puzzles that involved the crossbow and little else. plus the last quarter of the game had basically no puzzles, felt like it was a telltale game

2. Writing was also weak to me and very uneven, especially in the character development department. it just seemed every character was somewhat cliched and ripped out of a post apocalyptic book or movie. Tyberious had the making of a good villain but he just fell flat, I love bad guys who dont think they are bad and have some depth, and it is obvious that is what the writer was going for but it just didnt work at all for me. Abe did a great job with his voice acting  but the written material just was not there.

3.I felt the locations were too small and the game basically held your hand and told you where to go

4. The whole thing with the reaper had a great setup but with no payoff, and the whole plot and gameplay to find him made no sense to me, why not enlist amy's help directly instead of leaving all these obtuse clues on where he is. Also it was pretty convenient that the old lady on the train knew about the underground tunnels, bc it is never made clear if she knew the reaper, in fact with the way she acts its implied she does not know him.

Now I know all this sounds like I hated the game, I promise you I did not, I guess the thing that bothers me is I see a great game buried in here but we got an avg adventure game as a final product. I give it a 7/10, def worth a buy but only on sale. I got it at 10 percent off, I wish I would have waited a little longer.

I finally talked myself into getting the game, bc I loved gemini rue and the two blackwell games that I have played so far, but I hated resonance and I was worried that technobabylon would be more like resonance.  boy was I wrong technobabylon is my favorite adventure game that I played this last yr and I figured I would write a quick review just in case someone is on the fence like I was.

the puzzles are a lot of fun some of the best I have seen in a while, especially all the puzzles involving the trance, but there is one moon logic puzzle that seemed ripped right out of monkey island. without giving away too much its in the first quarter of the game and involves a coat hanger, but it is not a hard puzzle, and it made me laugh so I enjoyed it. Its almost like you put it in there for nostalgia reasons to other adventure games.

You switch between three characters (well really 4, but one is done in flashback scenes and there is no puzzle solving, just dialogue so I dont really count that, more like an interactive cutscene with that character.)The three main characters are Regis, Max, and Latha. Regis had the best storyline but prob the weakest voice actor, He is not bad but is the weakest link in the cast. Latha prob had my least favorite character arc, but she had the best voice actor and easily the best puzzles to me, so it balances out. one problem I did have with the game is very minor but it involves character development and since Im about to get into  minor character spoilers im going to tag it.SPOILER INCOMING one of the characters named max turns out to be transgender, which is fine, but the way they do it, just was strange to me. the player finds out this information in a throw away line, as to say in the future being transgender is not such a huge deal which to me is an awesome message, but it just really feels shoehorned in, bc it adds nothing to her character, and it also takes nothing away. basically it feels like a subplot that never took off and left the runway.  Other than that and a few other nitpicks I found the writing to be superb, especially when it comes to world building and pacing. the author of this piece reminds me a little of Jane Jenson aka the woman who created the gabriel knight series. He reminds me of her in how the world building is done. while I think Jane's character dialogue is sometimes cheesy and cliched, her world building is some of the best in gaming. how she combines fiction with non fiction elements in history is next to none, and I see that same type of skill with whoever wrote this adventure game. Just really top notch world building, the city of Newton felt like a real breathing city, and that has equal to do with the art design as well as the writing.

I normally dont comment on music but it is fan friggin tastic. everything about it makes you feel like you are in a cyber punk future. The animations and background designs are also top notch. this is a very minor spoiler and I believe was shown in a trailer so im not going to tag it. At the start of the game a character I will say "leaves" a window in a building and falls 26 stories onto a car and the animation even though is pixel art, looked amazing here, I felt the impact and the brutality of it, even though you cant really see what happened bc of said pixel art.

I could gush on and on about this game, definitely my favorite adventure game that I played within the last yr, maybe even longer than that, I got to think about it for a while . 9/10

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