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Emerald City Confidential / Best line ever
« on: May 21, 2012, 05:15:54 PM »
In this game, there is one of the best lines I have ever heard or read, anywhere.

It goes something like this:

"Before I read the newspaper, I was uninformed.  Now that I have read it, I am merely misinformed.  Which is worse?"

Who wrote this epic line?

The Blackwell series / Stuck in Kelly's room, please help.
« on: June 03, 2010, 09:18:23 AM »
It seems like I've done everything there is to do in Kelly's room, but I can't get out.  I exhausted all dialogue options, I've looked at everything, but when I pick up the phone and pretend to talk on it while talking to Joey, I ask him to create a distraction and he just says "Me?  What can I do?"

How do I get the notebook?

Other Games / Stuck in the machine
« on: May 31, 2010, 08:56:40 PM »
This is really frustrating because I appear to have finished the present-making machine puzzle, but I can't figure out how to leave!  I tried standing on the conveyor belt on which the boxes are made, but that doesn't work.  The "hint" only says "everything is working" and "these boxes are the only way out", but I can't get into the boxes to get out...   ???

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