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Primordia / In-Game Ending Achievements Reset
« on: December 19, 2014, 05:59:14 AM »

I just played through this amazing game (GOG version) and unlocked a decent portion of the in-game achievements along the way (the matrix of buttons turning green, as opposed to Steam achievements).

As I tried to complete the endings achievements, I restored a savegame taking me back to just before the final decision.

After going through an alternate ending sequence and ESCing the credits, I get taken back to the start screen. Now, if from there, I load a savegame, then the achievement of the latest ending is still red. However, if I instead choose to start a new game, then the achievement turns green.

Restoring the pre-decision savegame from there, I can go through another ending, and the same as above applies, so I get to unlock one ending achievement after the other.

However, this does not seem to hold forever, since at one point, all the endings achievements are reset to red. I tried to create a separate savegame for each additional ending-newgame, but to no avail, I cannot get all the achievements.

Is this a bug, or intended behavior? Does the achievements status depend on savegames? When and why exactly are the ending achievements reset, while all the others stay intact?

By the way, after starting a new game, the options menu says "load game" instead of "restore game" - is there any difference?

Thank you for your thoughts and hints.

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