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A Golden Wake / Segmentation Fault under Linux
« on: January 28, 2017, 10:46:03 AM »
I recently bought A Golden Wake under Linux via Steam and today I finally got around to start playing but to my disappointment the game crashes when you click new game. I am running Arch Linux on a i7-6700 with 32 GB RAM and a 1080 GTX Nvidia card with the latest driver from Nvidia. I can that there are other people under Linux that have that issue. Is there a fix or workaround? Here is the output from the terminal if I run it from there.

[af@andre ~]$ cd "/home/af/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/A Golden Wake/"
[af@andre A Golden Wake]$ ./GoldenWake.bin.x86_64                                       AGS: Adventure Game Studio v3.3 Interpreter
Copyright (c) 1999-2011 Chris Jones and 2011-20xx others
ACI version

AGS: Reading config file
AGS: Initializing allegro
AGS: Setting up window
AGS: Initializing game data
AGS: Initializing TTF renderer
AGS: Initializing mouse
AGS: Checking memory
AGS: Initializing speech vox
Speech sample file found and initialized.
AGS: Initializing audio vox
Audio vox found and initialized.
AGS: Initializing keyboard
AGS: Install timer
Checking sound inits.
AGS: Initialize sound drivers
AGS: Install exit handler
AGS: Initialize path finder library
AGS: Initialize gfx
AGS: Load game data
AGS: Built library path: libagsteam.so
Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 307570
Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID:  Caching Steam ID:  76561198016922330 [API loaded no]
AGS: dlopen returned: (null)
AGS: Plugin loading succeeded, resolving imports...
AGS: A Golden Wake
AGS: Checking for disk space
AGS: Initializing MOD/XM player
AGS: Initializing screen settings
AGS: Init gfx filters
AGS: Init gfx driver
AGS: Switching to graphics mode
AGS: Widescreen side borders: disabled in Setup
AGS: Attempt to switch gfx mode to 320 x 200 (32-bit)
AGS: Succeeded. Using gfx mode 320 x 200 (32-bit)                                       
AGS: Preparing graphics mode screen                                                     
AGS: Initializing colour conversion                                                     
AGS: Check for preload image                                                           
AGS: Initialize sprites
AGS: Set up screen
AGS: Initialize game settings
AGS: Prepare to start game
AGS: Checking replay status
AGS: Engine initialization complete
AGS: Starting game
AGS: Loading room 83
AGS: Room change requested to room 82
AGS: Unloading room 83
AGS: Loading room 82
AGS: Room change requested to room 0
AGS: Unloading room 82
AGS: Loading room 0
AGS: Room change requested to room 84
Segmentation fault

Nobody has an answer?

I just got the 3 episodes the Blackwell series that have Linux versions. Many thanks for the ports! :D But I noticed that the Steam achievements don't work in either of the 3 games (legacy, unbound and convergence). They work within the game but they don't trigger the Steam achievements. Are they not implemented in Mac/Linux versions yet or is it a bug? If they are not implemented yet are they going to be?

Many thanks again for the ports looking forward to ports of the last two games along with Primordia hopefully ;).

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