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As for that stretchy logo thing... do you have a screenshot?  I'd like to compare it with the version I have on my computer.  It might have something to do with your monitor settings.  Have you tried running it in windowed mode and seeing if it does the same thing?

Here you go:

Yeah, Rebecca Whittaker as Rosa is the only major VO change for Legacy.  Mostly for consistency, but also because I wanted to change some of her dialog and add a bunch of hotspots here and there (something I neglected to do the first time around).  It's not drastically different, but since I was diving into the code anyway to upgrade the game to AGS 3.2 I figured I might as well do that, at least.

What about the other games... You're being a bit coy about revealing your changes, I think! :)

Also, another minor change: The opening credits of Legacy have their font stretched widthways. Can't understand why, but it's there.

Anyways, loving these games all over again! Thanks.

Gemini Rue / Re: Big Obvious Bug *minor spoilers*
« on: December 13, 2011, 01:22:47 AM »
Doh. Turns out that I already owned Gemini Rue as part of the Indie Royale bundle I bought. I'm guessing the Steam version is the latest one? If so, I'll just give my CD copy to a friend...

Lol. Pretty silly, but there you go.

Gemini Rue / Re: Big Obvious Bug *minor spoilers*
« on: December 13, 2011, 12:57:23 AM »
Haha, nice logic.

I'll send you that photo. Thanks!

PS - Loving Blackwell Remastered!

Loving playing these through again. Would love to know more about what you've changed. I notice there's different line readings for Rosa's character. Rosa seems less whiney that she did before (in Legacy), not that it bugged me before, but there's also subtle changes in her delivery.

For example, in the original when she says, "at least it's something" during the opening, she sounds upbeat. In the remastered version she sounds less convinced. Overall I think she does a better performance this time around, though.

Who else have you changed?

Gemini Rue / Alternate Endings [SPOILER]
« on: December 10, 2011, 04:48:16 PM »
Here's how you can choose between the two slightly different endings. After you've "confronted" the Director, choose between Touching Suyuri or the Computer.

Which ever you do first changes the ending.

Weirdly, not bothering to check for vital signs in Suyuri and going for the Computer first gives you a slightly more satisfying ending, IMO.


Gemini Rue / Re: Big Obvious Bug *minor spoilers*
« on: December 10, 2011, 03:09:56 PM »
I actually bought the game second hand. Like I say, I own the CD version... Not sure if that means I'm entitled to a patch or update? :-/ I suppose I could get in touch with the person I bought it from.


A few more logic issues for further possible updates...

Why doesn't Sayuri react when she hears Azriel's name revealed? I thought she mentioned his name in the alleyway when they first met(?).

Gemini Rue / Re: Big Obvious Bug *minor spoilers*
« on: December 07, 2011, 10:14:49 AM »

Some logic improvements, if you do ever decide to update this excellent game:

- Where did the wooden plank go? Wouldn't it make sense to hide behind the door an clobber the Mafioso with it?
- In the same sequence, the wardrobe is more than big enough to hide in! (And why didn't the Mafia dudes look in it?)
- The turning off the lights in the corridor puzzle was not very obvious to me... The object I needed to interact with was not eye-catching.
- After the above sequence, why didn't Suzanne(?) want to go back into her apartment? Why did she hang around, putting herself in mortal danger, and then decide to leave regardless?
- There's no clue that talking to the maintenance door would offer any different results than talking to any other door -- Something the game won't even allow you do in Center 7. (I wonder if the screwdriver being placed in the gym instead would help with his -- there would be a real reason to try and get into that door -- as most people try to get the gun out, I imagine.)

Thanks guys, great game so far!

Gemini Rue / Big Obvious Bug *minor spoilers*
« on: December 07, 2011, 10:06:49 AM »
Has there ever been an official statement from Dave or "JBurger" about the really massive bug that (just about) everyone experiences when they play Gemini Rue?

The first time you enter the Maintenance Room and have the long conversation with Giselle, you can walk through the door on the left wall, and suddenly jump a huge part of the story.

Just about everyone I've spoken to who has played this game experience the bug, and I've seen it mentioned many times here, too... but I've not seen a response from the makers of the game. Is there not a patch available?

I own the CD version and am running Windows 7 x64. Thanks!

PlayFirst's DRM is ridiculously strict. Christ, even two machines is for more "standard" than ONE. I can think of countless examples of much bigger games that use a similar system, but still allow you to install the game on 2 or 3 machines you own.

I, for example, work the week and live in one location, then spend the weekend with my fiance. I like to play games in the evenings and on the weekends - so I often take my savegames back and forth between locations.

Being unable to install a game I LEGALLY OWN on more than one machine forces me to seek alternative solutions: And this is where piracy becomes an unfortunate option.

Still thankfully, there's plenty of other vendors now! So people can shop around to get the best deal for them. How about someone makes a list of available outlets with prices/DRM info?

I'll start:
DRM - Unlimited(?)

Emerald City Confidential / Re: Wow, ECC looks great!
« on: February 10, 2009, 03:04:49 PM »
I can't wait!!!

I have to say that what little I've seen of the marketing (the cover, artwork, and that's about it!) looks a little "young". This seems to be the sort of game that could really interest a broad demographic and, well, since I'm a keen fan that wants to see you making games forever... I was a little concerned that this might not get the attention it deserves!

Emerald City Confidential / Re: Emerald City Confidential
« on: November 01, 2008, 10:33:32 AM »
This looks very cool! I didn't get the Oz connection straight away, but then, of course, it hit me. I really like the idea! I've always thought that Baum's novel had a darker side and that his mythology could be exploited.

Have you seen Wicked? I don't think there's anything that would clash here, but it's an excellent extension of the story.

Not sure if you've ever read the original "novel", but I always thought it was strange that everyone had to wear goggles before they entered the city... as if the city wasn't REALLY emerald afterall. (Although I see you've ditched the goggles in your version.)

Very interested! Ramp up the "darker side of Oz" angle in your marketing!

Chit Chat! / ???????? Confidential....
« on: October 31, 2008, 07:23:02 AM »
What is it called?! :)

That's cool. I'm sure it will be good!

Good stuff! I can't wait to buy your next big release! (Will it be Blackwell based?)

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