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Primordia / Re: Sequel?
« on: June 09, 2018, 04:18:41 AM »
Hello, i have the same feeling as our fellow right here. This game needs a sequel!
There are 3 more towns left to explore, considering robots only knows about those four but that some unknown destinations might exist.
I suggest the game's theme be all about rebuilding, creating new gen bots, rediscovering the past, it could literally be merged with FALLENand become a unique project with past and future being connected. There could be some time travel involved, and direct impact from a world to another.
I looked real quick about the plot of Fallen, i understand that it is the past that took place before Primordia. That's where it becomes really interesting. At a point, the story can take place a few generation after Horatio and his friends, and the story could be one about a certain Crispinbuilt why-not. It could take place on multiple time periods, nevertheless, for example, if time travel is involved, then crispinbuilt could talk to Horatio and tip him about the future and how they should "keep doing the things like they do because it worked really well later on and gave a really neat future"... Then the Fallen storyboard episodically takes place.

There's that game, based on the "Monkey king" myth, called "Enslaved Odyssey" where there's a whole sidegame when you look in the sub menus. The story of the pig guy. If the game-play of both games  doesn't entirely fit too well, it can be adapted that way. But in any way, whatever Fallen is mixed or not isn't important. It can be a whole game, just sayin'.

So, there's Urbani, Municipa, Civitas and Metropol. All other 3 are like Atlantis in a sense for nobody even really knows.

With the correct ending, we get Crispin and Clarity to be returned to mechanical life. I spotted a lot of tiny robots alongside the UNIIC also. Fact is that there might be 2 cities with remaining human beings but it's hard to tell. In a sense, if human beings still exist, they could use the Fallen's gameplay, which would resolve the big question about which the games should be merged or not.

In a sense, what is done in the past according to what's done in the future, imagining talks could be done through time, instead of time travel, maybe humans could be saved and the virus be erased, where, Horatio would still have a version 5 and in a sense, would have a profound feeling of memories related to an alternative reality that happened in Primordia. Tho, at a point, Metromind could STILL be the enemy... Or maybe be an enemy player's forced to deal with, considering the ending where Horatio decides to join Metromind in classic Primordia. While, in a timeline where human remains, Metro still becomes crazy but is a lesser foe, and Horatio could be forced to deal with this mad mind and defeat these of the greater enemies like, why not, Urbani's main system.
That would be quite a new thing in sci-fi, i would say, to have data transfered through parallel realities. Quantum storage and stuff.

In Primordia, we understand that Urbani and Metropol poisoned one another. That leaves Civitas and Municipa as places could have sustained human life, in a scenario that there is no time travel at all, and that there's no merging with Fallen. That leaves space for a sequel already but with time travel, and with or without Fallen, we know that Horatio's original version, Horus, refused to obey but his program has been override by a human, obviously. And this is obviously what happened when Metropol attacked Urbani too. We're sure that at the time Horatio has been created, human existed.
That's somehow crazy that Horus was more humane than the human who had override his program to force him to attack.

Considering that the future-future in the game is about a Crispinbuilt, where Horatio version +3 becomes a character too busy to adventure, with Clarity+3, keeping things together. And considering that original Crispin mustn't learn about the builds he'll create, there's a lot of stuff that can be done.

Let's say the story could start where a glitch causes Horus to see the Crispinbuilt. At first, the story has no change. Primordia happens like the game was originally created. But the more you play as Crispinbuilt, the more this story after the end of Primordia gets to take new twists. They, somehow, have to fix the future while fixing the past also, so that at a point, every realities becomes coherent again and nobody is erased but where the future of Crispinbuilt is "As good as it was before the glitch".

So, there's that glitch, and at first everything is normal but the more the story goes forward, the more it messes up and needs to be fixed. Why-not, future-Horatio could disappear, forcing to fix the past. The Crispinbuilt could be later on discovered as having these abilities himself, discovering that he can, in a sense, communicate with any machine, including the time of when the wars happened.

This could be a two cutting edge story where letting human survive causes issues, but communicating with them in the past causes even more of these, where they try to crack Crispinbuilt from past to future. Humans would somehow create themselves a cult where they would make sure that the generation in the days of Crispinbuilt would have one member who would backup him and use his ability to upload him in the past. And from this past, uploaded further in the past again. This could be returned back to the days of the invention of Radio in the 30s, 20s?. Many alternate pasts could take place from this domino effect, it could go as far as antiquity, considering they humans would try to crack Crispinbuilt to a point they would learn to emulate his functions in their brain, with success. In fact, this story could go so crazy that it could be considered "Prophetic" in a sense and be related ingeniously with mostly any historical facts "for the lulz".

And this is where, in an intricate story involving keeping timelines sticked together and all sorts of other important things, the game would bring the player back to Crispinbuilt in an earlier state, before his data's been backup, where he would "sync" himself with his alt self in that great sync that would take place, that i mentioned before, and would learn how to defend himself and lock the loop of timelines, concluding the game, in a sense. Or in a sense, concluding the Primordia sequel's part, returning to this other game, Fallen, in this idea where Fallen side-story is included.

In a sense, tons of "easter eggs" could be included in both games, reinforcing the relation between both games. The game Fallen could have multiple seers who gets quests or alikes for the Fallen player to do in order to "help Crispinbuilt to prevent the future from crashing" and ensuring certain events in the game so that technology isn't brought back to the darkest of ages, even before the era in which Fallen takes place, by this furious "domino effect".

Some important characters in Fallen could have their story in Primordia's sequel, which isn't forced to be called by the same name as Primordia. I haven't even found a name yet for Crispinbuilt. But the name he would have could be the name of the game. And in a sense, it isn't forced to go by the same gameplay as Primordia, where it could be a 3d platformer like "DKC return" or whatever you like.

Somehow, Fallen could totally integrate the whole story to itself, bringing the whole primordia universe inside of it as a set of important quests with totally different tilesets.

This, or not.

But maybe, while the possibility that there might be human being left in Primordia, what could cause all issues could be this glitch that causes Horus to prevent the poisoning of Metropol's remaining human beings... Maybe this event, where Horus alternatively saves Metropol, could be the beginning of worse issues, where Metropolitans would attack remaining 2 cities, causing more harm than good, in a scenario where in the first place there would have been human left there.

Maybe it could be a whole new style of game. A puzzle strategy game including point and click investigation where focus is put on fixing chronology. In a sense, player could toggle between character in all time periods available in order to fix time, including the easter eggs that would be added to Fallen's seers and related quests, fixing the past to prevent the future and ensure that the Crispinbuilt glitch doesn't cause technology to happen earlier in time.

And now the important part is the future. Because what takes place after Primordia is that Horatio and Clarity, with the help of Crispin, before Crispinbuilt is assembled and booted, are on a mission, this is an important part of the story because they build the future that Crispinbuilt lives in. Like engineers, they push technology bits and bits further. That's what allows Crispin to accidentally create that time communication ability that Crispinbuilt has. This future where he lives has recovered vegetation, multiple life forms, humans exists, sky is clear, rain is clean. Or maybe it isn't all "yet" clean, but humans and robots are working hard on fixing it all.

The big intrigue is all about restoring beauty in such a world of rust that the "old ones" created detrimentally.

Fallen Gods takes existence way before human created machines, it's obvious. It's somehow dark-age-ish. It could take place in an era between -2000BC to 1100AD and it's close enough to modern days to have intensive feedbacks through seers and ORACLEs.

The madness of war is what creates the dead ages where Primordia takes place. What takes place in the past impacts the future.

Part of the intrigue could be documents from the 1900s and further that mentions Crispinbuilt and has some black marker strikes on parts of the documents. These could be in possession of humans before Horus hopped aboard the Horus ship. These documents could be the cause of all these wars.
The story could become extremely intricate and require to undo and redo past and future actions.

Tho, this topic is great, i could come up with much more ideas but i've got to get to sleep. I'll keep an eye on this topic for a short time. If you like the idea, you can hire me or give me a share of benefits it could produce, like, a few %. I do 3d and 2d. I also create music and i can deal with about any software as long as it's not coding, but i could learn coding if i could afford the studies.

I hope you'll share my, and username_LCSBAR's interest into a sequel to Primordia!

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