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My apologies for resurrecting this old thread - I would just like to add myself on this. I've come back so many times through the years to check if any boxed versions have been made available that I felt I should mention it to someone.

I understand that it makes little sense for a small publisher to waste resources on something that really doesn't improve the games themselves. Digital distribution is so clean and managing physical stock is such a nightmare. Very tight profit margins - most probably negative ones - I guess.

What is it with this weird fixation with a physical copy some of us have? In my case it's so bad that I've realized that I just can't bring myself to download any adventure game - especially a 2D one. I've only played Primordia out of the Wadget Eye library. I tracked down a copy at some point. So many others have described the effect of THE EXPERIENCE it's certain I can't add anything to it. Taking a look at that Monkey Island box next to my friend's father's PC and playing the game.

I guess a crowd funding kind of system would be great - the more people sign up the better the version. Level one, a DVD and a simple plastic case. Two adds a poster. Three the box is cardboard. And so on. Give it a few months for the word to spread...

Thanks for the games!

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