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Technobabylon / Re: Technobabylon Mysteries *SPOILERS*
« on: January 21, 2016, 10:52:29 AM »
Hi there
First I have to say that you made a great game and I really enjoyed playing it.
I played it once and than once again with comments on.

I got some questions:

about Latha and the attack on her:
- Why is she an unemployed thrall while Galatea (her clone) is the "daughter" of Dr. Vargas, the creator of central?
- If Galatea is the administrator of central and she has her own soldiers, why does she send the mindjacker (who tried to kill Latha) to get Latha?
- Why does the mindjacker use charlie to kill Latha? He has killed many people before and it should not be difficult to attack an unemployed trance addict who never leaves her home.

Giels death:
- If I understand the game correctly, he died because he put the storage module and the wine enhancer in the same fridge and the module influenced the wine enhancer. So this was an accident.
safety instruction for all labs: Never put food in the fridge for chemicals and vice versa!

about Nina:
- She send Latha to the airship (as Jinsil). By doing so she made Galateas plan possible (Galatea needs Latha alive and she failed to kidnap her because of the stupid mindjacker). I thought Nina wants to stop Galatea, not to help her. Why does she send her the only thing that is missing to finish the plan?

about the explosion at the party:
- Did he plan to use the biobomber to kill everybody involved in the conspiracy (including himself)? In the game, the plan failes (whatever the plan was) because Charlie sees that the waiter is a biobomber.

- This is a really strange group for a conspiracy. All of them want to remove central, but everybody for completely different reasons. I think that if you choose to help Nina, they will start to kill each other one second later.

bug/plot hole:
- On my first playthrough I won the tennis (gravball?) match without cheating. Since I did not get the drug it was strange that Latha managed to get past the guard. When I played again, it was also strange that the drug reduced the reaction speed of a fat boy who likes computer games, but it can knock out a soldier in seconds.

- For a cyberpunk game this is a really nice future.
- Before I played with comments on, I would have never guessed that Newton is in Somalia. Now Somalia is one of the most instable places in the world and much of it is controlled by terrorrists or warlords. I thought Newton is in north America. USA/canada are countries where most people are immigrants (not native indians) so it is normal that there are people who come from all areas of the world.
- I loved the comment where you discuss with Dr. Lao about the android/gynoid. I made an RPG with the RPGmaker2000, where the character often have discussions with the developer about stupid game design.
PS: A robot that looks like a human and the gender is not specified (like you talk about robots in general) would be a humanoid, right?
- Now I know why real cops are usually not a PhD in bioengeneering. The way how they deal with peaces of evidence is terrifying (kicking a body to see if its dead, fishing in a pool of blood, play with body parts, . . . )

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