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Just finished "Epiphany" too.

What is said above this reply is evenmore so true.

Thank you. Carry on.

Hi there. [tl;dr warning here, but... Please: hear me out]
This is my first post, and i am writing right after concluding for the 2nd time "The Blackwell Deception" (it has quickly become a habit for me, to play a Blackwell game again with commentary to get all achievements), and looking forward to ending the saga with "Epiphany".

I am just your next Italian guy born in 1986, still living in my tiny little hometown in this ancient, strange country of mine.
I am telling you what my age is, just to let you grasp the fact that one of the very first PC games I played in my childhood, on the very first 286 PC my father had in his office (not at home, since at that time they were too expensive, and he just used one at work), actually were point-and-click Lucasfilm adventure games ("Indiana Jones" ones and "Monkey Island 2" win this "time race" just after the platformer classic "Prince of Persia").

I wanna tell you that I really discovered Wadjet Eye just in this past year thanks to gog.com, and suprisingly enough I discovered it first as a publisher (not developer) with what I absolutely need to recognize as gems, masterpieces of this wonderful, re-brought to life genre.
Games as "Primordia" (who rules as a wallpaper in two incarnations on BOTH my desktop and laptop), "Gemini Rue" and "Resonance" happily guided me in a backwards search, spun out from sheer love, to "The Blackwell" series, discovering how this little company started as a legitimate game developer, and created these other jewels I am literally EATING away, one after the other.

And, even if this was a long, even if I hope not useless, prelude I just wish to tell you all, 3rd party developers, David Gilbert and Wadjet Eye as a whole (hearing the voices of Abe Golbfarb and Rebecca Whittaker fill out my bedroom has, as of now, become a warm and familiar feeling) a HUGE:

...From the bottom of my heart. I mean it.

I think your work has really reached me, and I am not scared to say that it touched me way inside, and didn't just work its way out of nostalgia, it gave me instead comfort and engaged me emotionally during long, lonely hours in a moment of transition in my life.
I want to say that the quality and the love - because I think *IT ACTUALLY IS THERE * - that you put in your works are really apparent, and I think that in some little, innocent and yet full of meaning way the works from your company REALLY enriched me.

So, another time, thank you very much for your games. Please, never give up on this thing you created. It means very much for your fans - I'm sure - and for me, too. In my tiny little spot from which I am writing now.

Thank you for everything. Please, don't stop here.

(P.S. You are the only reason why, after my 2nd level university degree and feeling strong uncertainty for my future, and after having many times regretfully forsaken it, I am starting over imagining to follow the crazy dream of game development, and also - in a sort of... Pragmatic way - the only reason why I've, at the very least, downloaded Adventure Game Studio)

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