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Title: Rediscovering my love for the genre thanks to Wadjet Eye
Post by: mundanesoul on July 12, 2018, 02:59:37 PM
Hi folks,

I'm just stopping in to let Dave and the whole Wadjet Eye crew know how much I have enjoyed playing their games in the past couple of months. When I first started playing computer games in my youth, my favorites were always adventure games like Quest for Glory, Legend of Kyrandia, Day of the Tentacle, etc. Eventually those games seemed to fall out of favor and even though I knew there were a few still published here and there nothing ever quite made me feel the same way as those old games had.

Then I stumbled across The Blackwell games around the beginning of the summer and my mind was blown. I played Legacy first, of course, and was overjoyed by the way it seemed to take everything so great about the genre and distill into a streamlined and beautifully narrative experience with lots of great writing and wonderful characters. Finally it seemed like there was a company that loved those games as much as I did and wanted to not just imitate them but actually improve upon them, to build something new and exciting on the bones of those great old games.

After beating Legacy I started looking into modern point-and-click games (beginning around the time that Legacy was released) and have compiled a huge list - among them, of course, Wadjet Eye's full catalog - that I've had so much fun playing through so far. Because I'm trying to play through in chronological order, I've so far made it through Deception in the Blackwell series and it's been truly lovely to see the way that the series has improved with each iteration. (I can't wait to play Epiphany! Although first I'll be playing Primordia, which also looks fantastic.)

I also played Gemini Rue, which had a great aesthetic and storyline, and Resonance, which I really enjoyed for its unique approach with multiple characters and the "memory" inventory system; it had a great story, too. My favorite thing so far overall about Wadjet Eye games is that they do such a good job of designing characters that you care about and love watching develop, even minor ones like Nishanti.

Anyhow, sorry for being so verbose, but I just can't say enough how much I appreciate everything that you all are doing at your company. I'm so excited for Unavowed and hoping to wrap up all of the other Wadjet Eye games before it comes out so I can experience it right as it releases. I hope someday I can write video game stories as compelling as yours!