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Title: Police Quest Series?
Post by: Skinsfan55 on September 17, 2017, 03:20:18 PM
I absolutely love the Police Quest series, it's my favorite series of all time and I think Police Quest 2 might be my favorite game ever.

Every few years it seems like there's either going to be a remake of PQ2, an unofficial sequel or a "spiritual successor"... there's a few weeks or months of hype and then the project dies.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of story I could put together in the Police Quest universe, and I think I have some decent ideas, but I totally lack the programming or art ability to do anything with it.

While we certainly have no shortage of modern point and click games with engaging and original stories, I would love for more Police procedural action. Anyone else feel this way?
Title: Re: Police Quest Series?
Post by: DaveGilbert on September 18, 2017, 09:34:52 AM
I don't remember the originals too well, but a modern police quest, with more up-to-date technology and techniques, could be VERY interesting.

I remember Jim Walls did a Kickstarter for a new series a few years ago which fell flat on its nose.
Title: Re: Police Quest Series?
Post by: Skinsfan55 on September 18, 2017, 11:30:42 AM
I thought the old ones were a lot of fun most, of the puzzles revolved around following the correct procedure, which could get dull, but also kept it grounded in reality and avoided the off the wall kind of puzzles that plague some adventure games.

That game was/is called Precinct and it definitely did fall flat. It was sad because I've been waiting for another police game from Jim Walls for like 20 years. It looked like a cross between Police Quest and Swat 4, where you use that dialog tree to interact with the world around you. I would imagine it started out with normal police stuff and then expanded where the PC uncovers something bigger and more sinister. We may never get to find out. Seemed like they had a lot of momentum. A Rock, Paper, Shotgun interview, a AMA on Reddit, a decent first day on Kickstarter... and then all the momentum just died. Obviously a ton of work went into the promotional materials, I wonder if they did a poor job of hyping the product (we have no idea what the story was other than it was from Jim Walls) or if there's just not a market.

Technobabylon is amazing, and it kind of scratches that same itch. Obviously it's got a rich story, and a futuristic setting, but there's still a lot of procedural stuff and the feel of actively looking into a mystery.

I could go either way, an updated Police Quest (or Police Quest type game) with modern equipment could be fun but part of the charm was the retro feel of being a cop in the late 80's/early 90's. Heck, LA Noire was a huge smash hit, that hit a lot of the same buttons too. Maybe a retro game could be fun. I don't think, say Kathy Rain for instance, would have been the same if it was set in modern times.

I imagine a lot of adventure game developers run into the issue of technology being too easy to use. Like the joke about how most Seinfeld episodes would have been easily resolved if the characters had cell phones. Maybe a retro setting helps with storytelling and puzzle design.