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Title: Just wondering..
Post by: mcchin on July 06, 2007, 04:27:39 AM

I love Shivah, keep up the good work, going to buy blackwell soon (I don't have time to play, but I will still buy it first to support you).

Don't worry about the low-res graphics, the voice over feature, awesome story and plots are enough to attract me to buy all your games in the future. I think it is the same to most gamers who love adventure games. (I would like to see it in high-res from your games at some point in the future, although I think the artwork from your current games are nice enough, and please don't do it in 3D, 3D makes me dizzy)

I have read a post from your blog that you are into marketing stuff, I think that will definitely reach those gamers who are into this stuff!

Anyway, regarding my topic, I am wondering...The creator of the game "The Secret of Monkey Island" is Ron Gilbert, and you are Dave Gilbert..I am wondering are you two related in anyway? :p

Best Regards
Title: Re: Just wondering..
Post by: DaveGilbert on July 06, 2007, 06:55:55 AM
Hi McChin. Thanks for the letter.  I'm actually the result of a bizarre genetic experiment involving Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman. 

In other words, no.  We aren't related. :)
Title: Re: Just wondering..
Post by: mcchin on July 06, 2007, 08:59:16 AM
Thanks, just found out it is stated on wiki too..lol


    * No relation to Ron Gilbert, the creator of Monkey Island.