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Title: CLOWN'S SECRET - Adventure game inspired by remarkable films of the silent age
Post by: ExprStudios on May 29, 2014, 07:02:28 PM

Clown’s Secret is a 2D adventure game based on classic movies of the silent age – giving a modern touch to some of the most creative, profound and funny scenes ever created- daring to reimagine them and making them playable.


 The player controls Hal & Halbert, two detectives that are investigating the reasons of the vanishment of wealthy women in the city of Tomainia. Hal is the younger one, impulsive and naive, his driven by emotions; Halbert is the older one, clever and calm, his arrogant and rather think than talk. As the player progress in the game he will find a lot of influences from old movies, most notably Mr. Charles Chaplin's work, what makes the ever changing Tomainia a city with huge diversity and with a lot of creative and humorous scenes. Through the progress of the game the player will cross a lake riding on a car, use parts of a lamp as a megaphone, fight a world champion boxer, meet a trainer of fleas, visit a house on a cliff almost falling, dress as a woman to flirt with pirates, see a man with a thin moustache play with a ball resembling the world globe, use the smallest parachute of the world and even dance a very famous dance between adventure games lovers; that and many other scenes that were written on the 100th page script.


 As Clown's Secret has two characters as main characters- the scenes and puzzles could be written and divided around their distinctive personalities- expanding the possibilities of new and distinctive parts on the game and making of Clown's Secret a game that is always fresh, always funny and never boring. To be able to make an adventure game with two playable character be played in a dynamic way, we developed a gameplay system that is focused on the interaction with objects instead on the characters. When the player can interact with something in the game, an icon showing the face of the character, Hal or Halbert, and the action that is done on that object or person is shown over it- a system that makes something usually complex as an adventure game much more fast to be played and letting the players focus on what really matters: the story, the funny moments and the puzzles.


 As the game is based on silent films it is all Black and White and has no text on it- in fact the dialogues are animations. Because of a design point of view we decided to put Gibberish on the characters, something that united with the animations of the dialogues bring some really laughable moments. And the music had to remember the beginning of the last century and the music of those movies, creating as a result a jazz married with silent film music - it's gorgeous!
  Clown's Secret is inspired by classic movies, written for a new generation that didn't raised having contact with those films and may or may not know about them; and influence by old and new adventure games- like Monkey Island, Broken Sword and Machinarium. It's currently in full production for Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android; and has a release schedule for Q4- 2014.


 Expression Studios: We are an independent game developer studio determined to bring meaning to digital entertainment. More about us and the project can be found on our website: www.expression-studios.com , or our development blog: http://exprstudios.tumblr.com . The development blog is being update in a regular base and on it we are showing everything, from the very first idea to all the difficult and passion we are having in the process of making it.

Contact e-mail: info@expression-studios.com
Twitter Handle: @ExprStudios
Title: Re: CLOWN'S SECRET - Adventure game inspired by remarkable films of the silent age
Post by: Yuri on June 01, 2014, 06:12:22 AM
ExprStudios, thanks for the information! Your game looks very nice - and silent movies represent a kind of treasure not often reproduced in today's digital art.
Is it an AGS game?
Good luck with your creative work!
Oh, and I hope that those of us who had contact with silent movies and who love and know a lot about them will still have a lot of fun playing 'Clown's Secret' :)
Title: Re: CLOWN'S SECRET - Adventure game inspired by remarkable films of the silent age
Post by: ExprStudios on June 01, 2014, 07:38:38 PM
Hi, Thanks for liking it!
It's being done with Unity - our go is to put it on the most platform possible.
The whole script was written having in mind a generation that hasn't grown watching silent films- it demands no previous knowledge of those films to understand the game- at the same time it's bound to create an urge to know more about them. We are working on tons of Eater Eggs, and those who know more about Adventure games and Silent films will surely love them!
We have a development blog- on which we are putting everything of the game- since it's concept to how it's being done. Hope you check it out!
Lucian Rateke.
Title: Re: CLOWN'S SECRET - Adventure game inspired by remarkable films of the silent age
Post by: ExprStudios on July 21, 2014, 09:06:03 PM
 Thinking About Design- A Deeper view on the design of Clown’s Secret

Design a game is something hard- one thing is play the game on the head, another one is play the real game. It takes a clear and open head to see problems in design and think about how to solve them. The design of Clown's Secret now is completely different than it was when we started working on it- we had to study, think and work truly hard in order to change it.
 We loved the result!
 We wanted to share this experience with you- "Thinking about design" tells about this process.
 Hope you like it.
http://exprstudios.tumblr.com (http://exprstudios.tumblr.com)


Luciano Rateke