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Title: We are all in this together (Steam achievement) bugged
Post by: Kalifaks9 on December 29, 2013, 07:46:06 PM
First of all - this is one of the greatest adventure game! It is logical (NOT "Sierra"), puzzles fit naturally into the story, and graphic is amazing (reminds me of "Beneath a steel sky").
Sadly, I've encountered a bug.
After my second playthrough I have all robots in cutscene except 187th and Leopold. I have Crispin, Clarity, Primer, EFL, lamp-girl, Gimbal, Oswald and Cornelius, and Rex. I got the "Three musketeers" achievement after that same cutscene. I've detonated Scraper's bomblet without 187th's intervention and, obviously, gave gospel to Leopold (I don't know any other way to get Steeple's pieces of code without it).
What I did differently in this playthrough: I got "Keeping it reel" achievement (The hidden tape deck), "Robotmitzvah" (EFL's test on the first try), "Know it all" (every entry in the information kiosk), "Too much power" (plasma torch on core), and skipped lots of dialogs and cutscenes with "Esc" key.
Is there any workaround? Or could someone help me with savegame for this achievement?
Title: Re: We are all in this together (Steam achievement) bugged
Post by: MarkYohalem on December 29, 2013, 11:08:29 PM
First, thanks so much!  It's great to hear such nice things, especially from someone who had the bad luck of having his achievements glitched!

Regarding that glitch, I've seen others report this on Steam.  If we do another patch -- and I hope we will -- we'll fix it.  The achievements have always been quite glitch-prone, as they were implemented at the last minute.  I don't have any usable saves for you -- I doubt anyone on the team will -- but I bet if you ask on the Steam forum -- http://steamcommunity.com/app/227000/discussions/ -- someone can hook you up.

Sorry again, and thanks again!