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Title: I have a story for an adventure game
Post by: Damian on March 13, 2013, 01:28:57 PM
I have a short story that would make a great little adventure game in the style of 'Gabriel Knight/Dark Seed'. I tend to write fiction in my spare time but this story stands out as a playable, intriguing mystery game. The question is, not being technical in any way - how or where do you pitch an idea for a developer or how much would it cost to fund a project like GK1 these days with a small indie development team?
Title: Re: I have a story for an adventure game
Post by: Mad Manny on May 04, 2013, 03:11:50 PM
You should probably try asking on an game-development forum, but anyway I'll try to answer:

The pitch depends on who you are pitching to, if you're talking about pro companies I can't imagine how that would even be possible, I used to work professionally for a games company and EVEN I as a senior developer couldn't pitch an idea to my own company because the leads are too arrogant to give me 5 minutes to tell my idea, so I can't imagine how an outsider would do it.

As for pitching to normal developers: art! inspiring art is great to get programmers interested.
so either learn art, or as step 1 try to get one great artist on board, after you got the art you can convince others much more easily.