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Title: How do you make the trailers?
Post by: Mad Manny on July 24, 2012, 04:48:13 AM
I've always enjoyed watching WE trailers because I really like the attempt at turning something as anti-climatic as a slow adventure-game into a cinematic-looking trailer;
the result hasn't been particularly cinematic, but I enjoy watching the attempts.

But more recently I'm finding with Geminie Rue and especially with Resonance that the trailers are getting really cinematic, so I'm really curious about that.

Is it Dave who makes the trailers or each individual developer?
Have you any tips to share that you've learned in making these?
Is the music from the games, specially composed for the trailer or licensed stock-music?
Title: Re: How do you make the trailers?
Post by: DaveGilbert on July 24, 2012, 07:37:42 AM
Thanks! These trailers are very challenging to make, for the exact reasons you mention. Most people will tell you that to make a gameplay trailer, you want to see actual gameplay. All well and good, but 90% of adventure games consist of a character walking slowly across a room, so it's difficult to make that look exciting. It's especially difficult for me, since I don't have fancy cutscenes like bigger companies do. :) Even scenes of characters talking are quite boring, since there's barely any movement at all.

I usually start with music. I've never used any music from the game itself because that music is intended to play unobtrusively in the background. So I go trawling www.premiumbeats.com for something appropriate. I look for something that has lots of variations in tempo so it doesn't get too monotonous, and preferably one that build up to some kind of climax. Then I just experiment with in-game footage and voiceover and see what I can come up with. Typically I go through 3-4 passes before I'm happy.

Title: Re: How do you make the trailers?
Post by: Mad Manny on July 24, 2012, 01:36:35 PM
Awesome answer, thanks!

Exactly! showing gameplay-footage is about as cinematic as THIS: http://penny-arcade.com/comic/2010/10/04 (http://penny-arcade.com/comic/2010/10/04) :P

Btw it must have been really tempting to use the ending scene of Resonance, no spoilers; just want to say I was quite shocked how climatic it was! I bet Chris Jones never quite had that in mind when he first started making the engine! :D