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Title: A scene I would like to see in a future Blackwell game...
Post by: Mr_Nabby on May 25, 2012, 08:32:29 PM
I would like to see a scene that builds the relationship between Rosa-Lauren, and Rosa-Joey. A scene when young Rosa visits Lauren at the hospital.

We know that Rosa went to visit Lauren in her comatose state very often, and it would be nice to see that aspect of her life expanded on.

Personally, I have a picture in my head of 6-year old Rosa going to the hospital, with her teddy Griff firmly in her arms, to see her aunt the first time since she fell ill. Due to her timid nature, she'll probably just pull up a chair, and observe Lauren from across the room.
The next week she might go up closer, to her bed this time. Maybe say a few words, and see if she can get a reaction.

After some more weeks, Rosa might try to place her hand on Lauren's. She's her aunt after all.
Some more weeks might pass, and Rosa probably brings a book this time. There is not much to do at the hospital other than watching Lauren snoozing, so she brings something to read while watching over Lauren.

After some time, she might even try to pull up a chair next to Lauren's bed, and read out loud for her. She might still be conscious, and be able to hear her. Maybe.
Joey, just finished with his daily routine of counting the cracks in the ceiling for the 10th time, welcomes the change of pace and listens to little red reading her children stories. Sure, he might have wished she would read a newspaper, or the tabloids, but he'll gladly take what he can get at this point.

Not before long, he even looks forward to Rosa coming to visit. Sure, she might be a boring little kid, but at least it's better than watching the clouds all day...again...

Well, that's all I have for now. Be sure to leave your thoughts, or ideas for little things that would be nice to see in one of the games.
Title: Re: A scene I would like to see in a future Blackwell game...
Post by: Rognik on May 29, 2012, 01:01:26 PM
That might be a good idea in a book or a movie, but it wouldn't be very practical for a game. Especially since it's established that Joey is only visible to Lauren until her death, and Lauren had already given up on spirit-saving by the time she went to the hospital. There wouldn't be much if any interaction for it. However, I suppose you could have someone who knew Rosa when she still lived with Lauren to introduce that angle.

Also, shy Rosangela strikes me more as the type to bury her head in an adult's leg when she first visits sick Aunt Lauren, since it happened when she was pretty young. Then again, since everyone else close to her was dead by that time, I'm not sure if she'd do that with her adopted parents.
Title: Re: A scene I would like to see in a future Blackwell game...
Post by: Mr_Nabby on May 30, 2012, 05:08:26 PM
Yeah, well, I don't expect them to have ALL of that in the next game, it what just an example.

The main reason that I want something like that scene in one of the next game, is because Rosa and Joey's relationship seems to be "Just Business". Sure, it have grown over the past games, put they still seem to just be partners rather then friends.

When Rosa was uncouncous at the end of Convergence, Joey said he'd rather kill Rosa then spend another 30 or so years in the hospital. You might think: "Sure, he is afraid to be trapped in an eternity of loneliness again, and they have only known each other for a few months, so it's an acceptable reaction."

But Rosa have visited Lauren at the hospital once a week over the cource of her entire life. She might not have been able to see or hear Joey, but HE was able to. You would think there would be just a little more to it by now.

All I'm asking for is a short flashback, maybe in the opening of the next game, to remind us that they have (sort of) known each other for a long time.