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Title: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: Yermog on February 18, 2012, 03:01:33 PM
So, I just bought the games last week and have played through them all (thanks for the distraction from the two papers I should be writing, btw), and I was having a thought.

While I know that the games certainly don't focus on romance, which is as it should be, I have to wonder about the future of the Blackwells, as it were. It's pretty well established that Rosa is the last member of the family, and she's in her mid thirties by the time Deception roles around.  So, my question is, if she doesn't have a kid, either within or outside of marriage, what do you think happens to Joey? The family link to him seems to be biological; I don't think adoption would work.

I just wanted to know other people's thoughts on the matter, since Rosa doesn't seem to plan to settle down any time soon, nor does her lifestyle really permit that sort of thing. Unless she happens to find a single male medium, which also doesn't seem likely.
Title: Re: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: Alastor on February 28, 2012, 11:23:04 PM
Interesting question.. hmmm... Maybe there's an other branch of the family we don't know but im pretty sure, after 3 games playing Rosa, that she CAN have someone in her life but that she WON'T have a baby, especially when she know what happen to Lauren when she stop chasing ghosts... but then I read your comment again and ... a male medium would be the only person who can understand her fully... so I dunno...
Title: Re: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: Yermog on April 19, 2012, 09:12:34 PM
Yeah, a male medium would work out nicely, since I can't see Rosa being able to find someone normal who can put up with her talking to herself and going out at all hours of the night.

I just keep thinking that somehow Madeline will come back into the story since she played a big role in Deception and Convergence. The only way I can imagine Rosa finding someone to be with would be due to Madeline attaching herself to a guy and then taking him to meet up with Joey and Rosa to solve the Shiva cabal thingy that Rosa is looking for.

Maybe Rosa could get herself pregnant somehow and put the kid into an adoption agency. Although that's depressing and unlikely since she herself spent most of her life in the Foster System and probably had a hard time of it. Also I couldn't see Joey letting her do something like that anyway.
Title: Re: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: Rognik on June 04, 2012, 01:10:00 AM
Well, technically if Rosa was to die Joey would have to go to Jack, he's next in line.
Jack, as in Rosa's father? I don't think so. Pretty sure he and his lovely wife are dead, which is why Rosangela went to live with Lauren.

But it is possible there is another branch of family we don't know about, but I doubt that wadjet eye is planning on making any more games involving Joey with anyone but Rosa. I do wonder about this often, though.
This is true, but I doubt we'd ever learn more of Rosa's family. Maybe Joey will be released if the line dies out. Madeline might have been lurking around forever, but she was dismissed from her guide duties before Countess died, which is why she didn't move on to the next in line.
Title: Re: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: Livie on June 04, 2012, 09:36:31 AM
It's been discussed earlier, but if Joey is to continue being a spirit guide, he may have to learn italian in a hurry. I think Rosa's mother was Italian, I'm pretty sure Jack says so in one of his letters to Lauren, which we see in BL. In that case Rosa's only living relatives are - presumably - in Italy. Rosa doesn't seem to have any contact with them, or even know who they are. Joey might end up attached to one of them, even if they are not actually Blackwells.
That might not make much of a difference actually, as Patricia Blackwell was a medium, and she would have to have gotten her surname through marriage. In that case it seems like being in the family in general is more important than actually being born with the Blackwell name.
Title: Re: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: myhatty on June 28, 2012, 06:43:13 AM
rosa has a brother who you phoned in the one of the games so maybe he has a family if she dies joey would go to his daughter as if you remember joey can only pass to girls so even if rosa has a kid and gets married not 100% her kid would be a girl
Title: Re: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: aislingyngaio on June 28, 2012, 08:41:42 AM
Jack was Rosa's father. In Unbound you play as Rosa's Aunt Lauren. Rosa is an only child.

Besides, mediums don't really have to be females, if Lauren discussed Joey being passed on to Jack.
Title: Re: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: Sslaxx on June 28, 2012, 04:25:49 PM
Looks very much like it's direct female descendants only.
Title: Re: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: Rognik on July 02, 2012, 08:22:47 PM
The thing is, we don't really know if males can be mediums or not. Mediums are traditionally female, though, in pretty much any source I've ever seen, heard or read. So what will happen after Rosa if she doesn't have a daughter? Dunno. Maybe a distant relative. We don't really know why Patricia started having visions, either, presuming she is the first in the Blackwell line. So maybe another family will inherit the gift afterwards.
Title: Re: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: Heather on December 08, 2012, 03:19:09 PM
I'm not sure if it is only female descendants. Patricia Blackwell did have a son, but Lauren was older, so it's logical that it would be passed down to the oldest living offspring. We have no reason to believe that if Lauren had somehow died before Jack he wouldn't have received Joey.
Let's trace the Blackwell medium line. As far as we know, it starts with Patricia. Presumably she took her husband's name, as they probably got married somewhere around the 50's or earlier, so that factor is irrelevant. It's given down to her daughter, a direct relation, and then later her granddaughter, another direct relation.
Now unless by some ridiculously ucanny chance, Rosa's Italian mother's family also partook in spirit-wrangling, we can assume that any living relatives on her mother's side will not inherit the "gift" when Rosa dies.
We don't know, however, that Patricia didn't have siblings - perhaps siblings with the "gift". I'm not sure if they could still be alive during Rosa's thirties, but they could, in theory, have medium children or even medium grandchildren. Rosa could very well have first or second cousins who are mediums.
This feels like a faraway chance and hopefully Dave won't resort to this seemingly arbitrary choice, but if he does we all know it will be flawlessly executed regardless.
Title: Re: End of the Blackwell line?
Post by: Nowhere Girl on July 26, 2016, 01:14:16 PM
I can see the forum's system warning me that I'm posting a reply to an old thread and in this case it sure is justified.
So, with post-Epiphany knowledge added, being a Bestower is not just a female job. Madeline, after coming back from the void, first became guide to Michael Cooper's father, then his sister and then himself.

And as for Rosa... I'm respoding primarily because I have a certain personal interest here.
My own family is not as small as Rosa's, but I happen to know my female blood line six generations backwards (and, because of my feminist views, I'm happy it's the female line, the one always considered unimportant, erased from existence through women forced to change their names...). I'm an only child. And I'm absolutely sure that this line of the family will end with me. Already at the age of five - after first learning (from two books written absolutely for children) "where do babies come from" - I decided not to have children and not to marry. Now I'm 30 years older, I have never changed my mind and now I consider myself an asexual lesbian (asexual lesbian = emotional attraction to women, no sexual attraction to anyone).
And I'm quite sure that Rosa is asexual and also aromantic too. Note that there is absolutely no trace of her having been in any relationships. That she seems to feel awkward when others expect her to do so (the best example: in "Deception", when Ken tells her not to overwhelm a guy like Tiffany did with him) or when something sexual is happening (a very funny example: in "Deception" too, when she seems quite embarassed about the Joey-Jamie interaction). I'm actually happy to consider her asexual. For the asexual community visibility seems to be one of the most important issues and it includes asexual characters in texts of culture - that's why I'm happy to consider Rosa one of the still relatively few fictional asexual characters.
Remember that lack of visibility means that asexual young people are likely to grow up feeling broken. (I fortunately didn't - I haven't used or known the term "asexual" as a teenager, but, having already decided against having children and marrying, I felt no obligation to have sex. I generally always deeply felt that I have a right "to be different"; I call it "the Revelation of Rebellion".) A recent experience which made me even more aware of the problem - a young woman in an "Ask a sex ed teacher" T-shirt at Warsaw gay pride; I asked her about asexuality and she said that oh sure, a wise sex ed teacher should tell students that nobody should have sex they don't want - but still she felt very bound by official medical knowledge and she said that because asexuality isn't officially recognized as a sexual orientation, she doesn't think it's right to teach about it proactively. And I believe a proactive approach is necessary in order to reach out to all those asexuals (remember, we are talking about 1% of the population - this isn't so little... and even if it was, everyone has the right to feel welcome and valid) that aren't aware of their identity (yes, a teacher is a bit like a Bestower...). Therefore texts of culture - literature, movies, games etc. - can plug these holes when even sex ed teachers don't want to talk about asexuality.