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Title: Two of a Kind
Post by: pezhead53 on February 10, 2012, 07:16:14 PM
I discovered this game a few days ago, and I really enjoyed it.  The town where everyone has a super power made for a neat setting and all the characters are likable and fun.  If I had one problem it would be the interface.  Like more classic adventure games, you have to choose from a menu the "verb" you want to do with something, as opposed to the "Left click=walk/use, right click=look" system currently used in Wadjet Eye games.  I know it probably will never happen, but I think it would be awesome to see this game remade with full voice-acting.

If you're interested you can get the game here
http://www.bigbluecup.com/games.php?action=detail&id=462 (http://www.bigbluecup.com/games.php?action=detail&id=462)
Title: Re: Two of a Kind
Post by: DaveGilbert on February 14, 2012, 12:10:11 PM
Blast from the past! This was made in... 2004 I think? Wow. Two of a Kind was the first game I ever made with a team. I don't even think I still have the source code for it, so I don't think it'll ever be remade anytime soon.