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Title: Curious about aspect-ratio decision.
Post by: Mad Manny on October 24, 2011, 02:46:36 AM
Ever since your first Shivah game I've thought to myself "this 4:3 ratio is pretty annoying but I'm sure he'll move into widescreen for his next game" yet now many years later you've created an entire well-established company using only this aspect-ratio from the 1950'ies :P

So at this point I'm really curious if this is perhaps a conscious business decision? That video-podcast where you told about your "stales statistics" was really interesting so I thought perhaps the aspect-ratio is part of that finding as well?
Like for example maybe there's a "occupation"-textfield in the order-form where 65% of your customers have written "antique dealer". ;)

Btw. they must look at you funny in the cafe-shops when you take out your 10 year old 7kg 4:3 laptop on the table. :P